Common Causes of Discomfort

Common Causes of Discomfort in Horses

  • Dental Problems
    • Dental work is essential to maintaining a balanced and healthy body, because a balanced body includes a balanced jaw.
    • Signs of dental problems include:
      • Weight loss
      • Dropping food
      • Chewing in one direction
      • Uneven muscle tone/lack of muscle tone on head
      • Digestive issues
      • Overall body discomfort
      • Tightness in the jaw/face
      • Many more...
CranioSacral Therapy is very beneficial following dental work to integrate the changes into the body.

Saddle Fitting 

    • Saddles affect the performance of the horse dramatically and affects the entire body
    • Signs of a bad fitting saddle:
      • Uneven sweat pattern under saddle (excessive sweating or lack of sweating)
      • Moving away from the saddle or when being girthed
      • Muscle soreness, hard spots or temporary swelling where saddle was on back
      • White hairs in saddle area
      • Bites saddle 
      • Acting up or refusing to work 
      • Many more...